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Our collaborative process
We start by getting to know you, our clients, so that our ideas, suggestions, and solutions are generated in the framework of who you are, what you do, and what you like. Ideas all by themselves are just so much ether.

Scoping out the project
We determine who owns the project; whether there will be shared responsibilities; who needs to sign off at various stages; who needs to be kept informed; and who will be powerful influencers.

First we will figure out what the problem really is, what you have and what works.

Next we use our imagination — working with you to think outside the box — generating ideas, articulating ideas, testing those ideas against reality and turning them into relevant solutions for your business. Together we'll begin to develop the best ways to communicate.

Then we build. We'll implement the programs, estimate our resource requirements (what vendors and materials we'll need), and begin to build. We like to remain flexible enough to incorporate refinements as we go along.

The Web
Marketing & communications essentials haven't changed much over the last few decades, and even with the inclusion of the Web and the Internet, the same principles apply. You need to plan, to know what you want to do and how best to use all your resources to get there. Your online presence needs to resonate and work effectively with your offline presence.

To help our clients navigate this new world, we have created a specific process that helps us focus on the unique assets of the internet. The purpose is to help us all figure out where you are right now, where you want to go, and how to get there.

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