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Web sites are good for many things, but they are not particularly good as advertising. They are, however, good for branding. Branding online includes traditional ways of communicating - images, slogans, language, but it also includes user experience. Make sure your visitor's web experience is in line with your brand. A poor experience will tarnish your brand. Your web site is a place to communicate with customers and to deepen, improve your relationships.

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diamond accent markWhat Web Sites are Good For
      Abbreviated Version

Web sites are essential for information communications, sales & relationship development.

  1. Information Communications
    1. Archives & Publishing
      1. Corporate history
      2. Articles
      3. E-zines
      4. Press releases, annual reports, public policy statements, stock performances,
      5. Resumes
      6. FAQs
      7. Price lists (wholesale might be password protected)
      8. White papers
      9. Examples of work: Writing, art (photo, painting), web design
    2. Resource
      1. Academic, scientific, FAQs, education, library (research, links), arts
      2. Expertise: Make your company the expert (i.e. Goodyear tires as industry resource; Access-Health for health info)

  2. Sales
    1. Offline, online
    2. Storefront, catalogue, individual items, information services
    3. Schedules (writers/ PR/ speeches)

  3. Relationship Development
    1. Customer Relations
      1. Online tech help
      2. Email support
      3. Online customer service
      4. Offline info numbers and addresses
      5. Database management/ enhancement
    2. Community Relations
      1. Special reports (studies, analyses, and results)
      2. A place for comments
      3. PR
    3. Collaborations
      1. Exchange ideas
      2. Text, whiteboards, chats, video conferencing
      3. Develop and maintain email lists, chat rooms, etc.
      4. Post & edit articles, images

  4. Internet, Intranet, Extranet
    1. InterNet — Global reach
    2. Intranets: Employee contact and/or interaction
      (have often been difficult and arcane)
      1. Workflow - Doing business
      2. Employee benefits
      3. Personnel information
      4. Suggestion box
      5. Phone book/ addresses
      6. Travel Services
    3. Extranets — company-defined Internet with secure areas for chosen alliances (such as vendors and buyers)
      1. Ordering, tracking, billing, service
      2. Chat rooms / bulletin boards

  5. Branding
    1. Build and/or enhance reputation
    2. Hot site, with-it technology, world-wide presence

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