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Featured Projects

     Early successful eBusiness

In 1996 some talented programmers utilized our communications skills to build an online payment service, SiteCheck.

We developed and built all the communications materials ... the site, the brochures ... but most importantly, we envisioned the bigger picture: identifying an opportunity to expand the business model, persuading the partners to build options into the programming that resulted in a broader client base and a new industry model.

The business was @, but has been merged into another online payment service.

Our Added Value:

  • Bringing traditional marketing skills and mainstream business experience to bear on this online business
  • Debugging the program (We'd do things the programmer hadn't anticipated)
  • Being the customer advocate
  • Providing writing, a good graphic eye, and common sense.

We were in New Mexico, the programmers were in in Florida and Pennsylvania, and the graphic designer was in Toronto. It was an intensely collaborative and satisfying process ... interacting and learning about programming ... figuring out how it was all going to come together ... building something new.

The business made money from day one.

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