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We choose to be an agile, focused, personalized organization and our strength is our pragmatic, creative vision combined with our ability to attract and utilize the resources relevant to your project. Because we work collaboratively with the very best people we can, these personal relationships are critical to developing trust, partnerships, and great work.

Paula Hendricks, President & Founder

Paula HendricksPaula is the visionary and creative force of Cinnabar Bridge Communications. She knows that both an appreciation of the big picture and attention to detail and nuance are essential for successful communications projects.

She is passionate about building things that work. For her, form and style follow function. She is a true renaissance woman, melding the skills of classic marketing, early successful eBusiness & web site development, and photojournalism (including two books on environmentally responsible building techniques).

Paula had a successful career in New York City Ad Agencies, which she has followed with a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures in both New Mexico and San Francisco. She loves books, is an avid reader, is a published author, and a prize-winning photographer.

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